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All our teams have products on the market that have been developed by 10X and the Melitta Group Innovation Team. All these products are currently marketed and distributed by 10X, scroll down to learn more about the products.

More innovative products and interesting projects are still in development and will be launched soon, stay tuned!

Karl Karlo

Snack Smarter

In addition to our Date Bites, we now also have the delicious Beet Jerky in our range! Air-dried beetroot as a tasty snack innovation. Because there has never been anything like it before. In two delicious flavours: Soysauce x Sesame und Peanut x Chili. Vegan and very delicious!

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A new ERA in coffee

ERA is a high-end filter coffee universe that stands for quality, design and inspiration. With ERA we want to elevate Melitta’s core competency to the next level and combine the sensual coffee experience with the digital world. For the start of this new ERA, we have selected 5 premium specialty filter coffees. Each coffee has a unique origin, flavour profile and story, such as supporting small associations, like the Woman Coffee Extension, or being roasted in a way that works perfectly with oat milk. Try them out and find out more about ERA and our coffees on our homepage and by scanning the QR code on the packaging.

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LIV — Your serenity

We developed LIV out of the desire to counteract an ever faster-moving world: a new serenity. And with it a whole new power with which you can master your often challenging everyday life even better. First of all, with our water additives in three flavours.

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